Literature is Intriguing

Foster's Thoughts on Literature

     I totally agree with Thomas C. Foster when he stated, “There’s only one story.  Ever.  One.  It’s always been going on and its everywhere around us, and every story you’ve ever read or heard or watched is part of it” (32).  Foster says this is even true of The Holy Bible when he says, “And of course there’s the Bible: among its many other functions, it too is part of the one big story” (33).  I have found repeatedly in literature that each text reminds me of others that I have read.  Also, it is interesting to me to see how often references from the Bible occur.  Many writers are familiar with Scripture, and they use this knowledge as a basis for their writings, names, and titles (Foster 47-56).  In life, we experience many trials and tribulations, and I think many writers put these real life type events in their literature.  Amazingly, “Most of the great tribulations to which human beings are subject are detailed in Scripture” (Foster 56).  Therefore, Scripture is full of information that writers can draw upon.