Literature is Intriguing

Favorite Literature

     Literature that details a mystery, while using a predictable structure intrigues me.  I like a good mystery that has a theme, a protagonist, an antagonist, character development, foreshadowing, conflict, climax, and a resolution.  It will also have a satisfying beginning, middle, and a happy ending structure.  I love it when an author can incorporate all these features into a unified, meaningful whole that will capture my attention, and continually provoke my thoughts.

Favorite Piece of Literature

     The Holy Bible is a mystery that includes all the features that make a piece of literature intriguing to me.  The theme is that God provided His Son, Jesus Christ, as an atonement for human sins, and belief in His life, death, burial, and resurrection assures the believer of eternal life in heaven with God.  There is a protagonist, Jesus Christ, an antagonist, Satan, character development of Jesus/God, foreshadowing, as we see what Christ has done for us, and how that will impact our future, conflict between Jesus and Satan, climax, as Jesus is crucified on a cross, and resolution, as the prophetic book of Revelation is the culmination of all the previous books, and it tells us as believers that Christ will return for us, bind Satan, and make an eternal kingdom for all of us.  The Holy Bible is a real life mystery that we are living, and God reveals more and more of this mystery as we experience life in Him.  I also love that The Holy Bible has a happy ending for those who are believers.